Hanna Juekoff
2216 German Hill Rd. Rexville, NY 14877
(607) 225-4502, Email at

Ceramic jewelry, tiles, mirrors, clocks - also paintings and mixed media pieces.

I have drawn inspiration for my art mostly from nature. In Germany, I grew up in a rural area.  Since 1971, I have lived in New York State on a remote farm surrounded by woods, fields and the sky. 

The seasons, trees, leaves, flowers, vegetables, and fruit from our garden and orchards provide shapes and colors for my clay wall pieces, jewelry and still life paintings.  My pastel landscapes show the  beauty of Allegany and Steuben counties, and also of the Caribbean, where we sometimes vacation.

I use clay and paper interchangeably, but with different materials, techniques and results, of course.  They are both a surface to receive color.


Ceramic Jewelry

Ceramic Tiles

Upcycled Jewelry

Pastel Paintings

  Spring # 1 
   Spring # 2
  Spring # 3



  Summer # 1
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 Fall # 1

  Fall # 2 

  Fall # 3 

 Winter #1